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    GitEstimate.com allows ANY user
    to quickly and easily generate
    accurate pole barn estimates.

    Packed with features!

Who is GitEstimate for?

GitEstimate is designed for pole barn building businesses. The online tool allows business owners, employees, and even customers, to be able to quickly and easily create estimates for standard barn sizes and options. GitEstimate allows business owners, employees and customers to build estimates with zero building knowledge.

GitEstimate is also a SALES TOOL that actively engages customers in the barn design process, which saves you time and money. Qualified, highly specific sales leads come directly to you.

How is GitEstimate different?

Create estimates in minutes

GitEstimate is not meant for pricing every conceivable custom barn solution, or for generating certified engineering plans. There are other software packages that can handle that. GitEstimate focuses on the 90% barn building requests, keeping it simple and quick.

Customers submit their own strong leads.

Imagine if potential customers could build their own estimates and submit them directly to your business? The software not only reduces the time to generate estimates, but also encourages potential clients to actively engage in building and submitting their own estimates.

How Does it Work?

When you sign up for a GitEstimate account, we will walk you through an initial company set-up so that estimates reflect your pricing. The set-up includes creating your company profile, entering pricing information (which can be changed by you anytime) and generating the customer-facing estimate web-tool.

Besides the estimate page there is an administration portion of the tool that only the business owner or authorized user can access.

Create your company profile.

This area is for entering your company's general information (name, address, logo, colors and other preferences). This information will appear on your estimate page.

Set your pricing information.

This area contains all the pricing information used to calculate estimates, including labor and shipping. For a detailed list of all the fields available, please click here , or you can download an Excel spreadsheet version here.

Get your own estimate page.

After creating your company and pricing information, a new estimate page is created with your unique domain name. This page can be linked from your current website.

View submitted estimates.

The administration portion contains an area to view and manage submitted estimates. These can be submissions from customers, or estimates generated by logged-in users. There is no limit as to how many estimates can be submitted.

View saved estimates.

This area is for managing estimates that have been saved. By having this history, you will be able to track and follow up on your sales leads.

Get detailed parts list.

Each estimate also generates a detailed parts lists for the barn. The parts lists can also generate a total shipping weight and a detailed price break-down for parts and services.

Pricing Information

$249*/ mo

$199*/ mo
Annual Pre-Pay

  • Unlimited quote generation
  • Save up to 500 quotes
  • Access to Administration portal for configuring prices and enabling / disabling options
  • Basic customer support
  • Up to 5 individual login accounts. Contact for pricing for more acounts.

$495One-time Setup Fee

  • Branding with company logo and address
  • Your company domain name
  • Site configuration and credentials
  • Administrator training and instruction

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